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Precision powder metallurgy company that has been providing quality Powder Metal components
for over 40 years.
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1) Blending 
Metal powders are first mixed with lubricants and/or other alloys to produce a homogeneous blend of ingredients. Often the blending is done by the metal powder producer.

2) Compaction
The powder is gravity-fed into the die and is usually compacted at room temperature. The most common compacting pressures are in the 30 - 50 tons per square inch range. Compax, Inc. has automated pressing equipment ranging from 4 - 250 tons.

3) Sintering
During sintering the pressed parts move through a controlled-atmosphere furnace. The pressed powder particles fuse together, forming metallurgical bonds. Compax, Inc. has high temperature sintering capabilities up to 3000 degrees F.

4) Secondary operations
Compax, Inc. can provide the part with a variety of secondary operations including grinding, impregnating, drilling, tapping, repressing and reaming.

5) Design
Compax, Inc. designs all tooling required to produce a part to customer specifications.

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Secondary Operations

In-house quality assurance and metallurgical inspection