Compax Inc.
1210 N. Blue Gum St.
Anaheim, Ca 92806

Tel: (714)630-3670
Fax: (714) 632-1344



Precision powder metallurgy company that has been providing quality Powder Metal components for over 40 years.
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Our mechanical and hydraulic press equipment can make a wide range of part sizes and shapes. We currently produce complex multi level parts as well as bushings and bearings. Our presses have a range of 2 tons up to 250 tons, enabling us to efficiently produce small, medium and large size parts. SPC is performed on all process variables during pressing. Parts are produced to a CpK of 1.34 or better.



Rotary parts accumulators are used at the pressing station to eliminate costly handling of parts.



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We manufacture gears, cams, counterweights, armatures, pole pieces, bearings, bushings, heat treated gears and more

Secondary Operations

In-house quality assurance and metallurgical inspection